ClickItandPickUp pick up in-store drive-thru service for e-commerce customers.
Now available to retailers and shopping center/mall operators in the New York City/New Jersey metro area!

Retail E-Commerce

Drive-Thru Pick-Up-in-Store Service

Customers order online and choose pick-up-in-store option at checkout

Our driver picks up all online orders at the pick-up-in-store retail location

Customers drive-thru from 5pm-9pm and pick up from our truck in the retailer's parking lot

For Online Retailers with retail locations in the New York/New Jersey metro area:

• Customers can quickly pick up their online orders without having to leave their car

• Increase e-commerce volume by enabling online shoppers to quickly pick up their orders

• Reduce overall shipping expense by gaining more pick-up-in-store online orders

• Cutting edge delivery solution appeals to mobile shoppers

• Same day delivery - for orders in stock at participating retail location

• Convenient customer drive-thru returns option saves retailers money